Silicone Mold Care and Resin Safety

To preserve the longevity of your mold do not apply flames or extreme heat. To pop bubbles, a heat gun on low setting may still cause damage over time but can be used sparingly. For best results, bring bubbles to the surface with a soft silicone mixing tool or a non-porous stick (like plastic), but avoid scraping the bottom. For resin that cures in 24 hours, wait 10-15 minutes after pouring. Most of the bubbles will have risen to the surface. To pop them with the safest method for your mold, spray a couple of times with an alcohol solution of at least 70%. Clean the mold with tape and water. Do not scrape the mold with tools or rub vigorously. Use a low viscosity/thin casting resin to prevent air bubbles.

Safety: Only use resin in a well ventilated area with a mask or respirator. Use gloves and avoid getting uncured resin on bare skin. To clean uncured resin from skin or surfaces, wipe with an alcohol based solution, and wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.