About The Shop

💖magical handmade statement earrings, jewelry, and more

Sprites' Hollow is a quaint shop specializing in wearable art. Our statement jewelry is handmade and laser cut in New York. We are a creative pair who are always learning new things. Currently, we specialize in acrylic jewelry as well as silicone molds for resin artists. Additionally, many of our physical and digital artworks are available as print to order stickers, apparel, and prints.


Sprites' Hollow Owners Dannie York and Braelyn Hendricks
Many years ago, we started our friendship and over the years, we have found many similar interests that we explore together. One of these interests is in art. While we each have different preferences in artistic mediums, one enjoys graphic design and laser cutting and the other likes painting and costume-making, we each love to create things. After years of discussing it, we have decided to make a shop, hopefully, to share our creations with other people.

About Braelyn

Braelyn Hendricks

Braelyn likes all things technology and art. She spends much of her time learning new skills, doing administrative work for Sprites' Hollow, and making miscellaneous art. Braelyn wears a few different hats because she loves creating and behind the scenes production. Her projects include digital design, jewelry making, and laser engraving.


About Danielle 

Danielle York

Danielle is an designer and creator. She specializes in several art styles that she uses for Sprites' Hollow and personal projects. Dannie loves both cosplay and tabletop role playing games. These allow her to dress up, create stories, and put on performances. Her crafts involve physical and digital painting, prop-making, makeup design, and styling clothing.

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