Welcome to Sprites' Hollow!

Welcome to Sprites' Hollow!

[Formerly What are We Making? / makingashop.com]

What are We Making has officially transformed into Sprites' Hollow. We still offer the same original art designs, jewelry, décor, and resin art molds, alongside our new magical theme.

The two of us (Dannie and LaLexxia) have spent months carefully planning and preparing for this rebrand. Neither of us are very decisive when it comes to naming, but when we considered Sprites' Hollow it seemed like the perfect setting for our cute handcrafted art.

Sprites are small adorable creatures that provide a little magic, and maybe even a bit of mischief. These whimsical beings might lend a helping hand or play a harmless trick on you. Each sprite has their own personality and quirks. Sprites in games are often hidden, but come out to trade items and accomplish small tasks for players. In our world, the sprites reside in a hollow, a clearing carved out between the mountains. In this hollow lies a town, named Sprites' Hollow, a gently flowing river, and plenty of nature, wooded areas, and wildlife.

We wanted to evoke the vibes of a cozy and relaxing area entwined with a bit of magic. Much like a casual, life sim, role playing game, we wanted visitors to take their time and feel comfortable surrounded by calming beautiful art.

Sprites' Hollow provides a bit of a double meaning, with a sprite alluding to a two-dimensional graphic image in a videogame. It's often that the graphics in pixel art games specifically will be referred to as sprites. Much of our art stems from our love of videogames and simple 2D pixel art aesthetics.

Over time we'll be world building and giving you fun interactive backstories to go with our artwork. It's going to be a lot of fun!

Whether you plan to stay for a while or are just stopping by, we hope you enjoy your time in Sprites' Hollow.

~ LX

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