Lamb Cult Leader Dangle Statement Earrings

Our Most Popular Earrings of 2022



Purple Stardrop Dangle Earrings
These Purple Stardrop earrings are a classic for Sprites’ Hollow. They were our first Stardew Valley inspired design and part of our first ever collection when we opened in the summer of 2021. This was the pair that made me fall in love with mirror acrylic. It’s a tricky material to work with but it’s so worth it. Shout out to the orange versions we made for Halloween. Other colorways coming soon!


    Junimo Stud Earrings with a Stardrop
      The follow up to the iconic Purple Stardrops. This large sized stud pack comes with 4 different colors although there were so many to choose from. They are made to be mixed and matched. Or get yourself two packs to get pairs of each color.


      Lamb Cult Leader Dangle Earrings
        Cult of the Lamb was such a blast. We immediately made some red crown studs. For fun we also whipped up a design for the lamb and it turned out to be one of the cutest things we’ve ever created! They take so much work and so many little pieces but it’s definitely worth it.

        Uno Cards

        Acrylic Uno Reverse Cards
          The Uno Cards were another complicated piece for us. They were conceived during a 36 hour Achievement Hunter stream appropriately titled Uno Infinite. There were 6 fan art versions, the notorious Draw 4, Wild, and Reverse cards in the standard Uno colors. Once again, there are so many little pieces and they are quite complicated to make, but they are beautiful especially for those who like big statement earrings or pins.

          Halloween Pack

          Halloween Stud Earrings including pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and candy corns
          Halloween was a really productive season for us this year! Our first set was a stud pack that comes with 4 pairs. That’s 8 earrings total. We make adorable jack-o-lanterns, candy corns, ghosts, and bats all with tiny faces. This pack also spawned 3 different colorways. The original was a reflective mirror acrylic, then we tried an opaque version, and finally pastels.
          Neon Green Bat Stud Earrings
          My favorite was the neon green bats!

          Halloween Tamas

          Halloween Themed Virtual Pet Pins with a cute spider, pumpkin, and bat.
            We started designing for Halloween in July, as one does. One of the best designs we tried over the summer was our take on some spooky season Tamagotchis. We love virtual pet toys and the two of us are definitely responsible for reigniting the Tamagotchi trend in our elementary/middle school 😆. In the future, I’d like to make a bunch of Tamagotchi and virtual pet themed earrings, but for now we have these spiders, pumpkins, and bats.
            From us here at Sprites’ Hollow, goodbye 2022, looking forward to creating even more magical designs in 2023. Check out our Instagram to stay up to date!
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