Our 2023 Holiday Statement Earring Gift Guide

Our 2023 Holiday Statement Earring Gift Guide

You're guaranteed to get something fun and unique when you choose handmade jewelry. There's so many options for statement earrings out there so here at Sprites' Hollow we are providing this handy gift guide for presents for your friends, obligatory Secret Santa parties at work, and Christmas stocking stuffers.

1. Moon Drip Earrings

Our customers love these fantasy Moon Drip earrings. They come in a variety of pastel colors with dripping skies and sparkling stars. -Pastel yellow with dark blue is the original, but we also quite like the pastel purple and iridescent version.
Moon Drip Earring Collection

2.Purple Drippy Planets

We polled our Instagram followers during our fall shop update, and their favorite pair was these purple Drippy Planets. Modeled after Saturn, they feature iridescent planetary rings and shiny yellow stars. We are addicted to dreamy celestial jewelry. -Also available in teal.
Drippy Purple Planet Celestial Earrings

3. Bottled Stars

Continuing our homage to a celestial aesthetic, we have Bottled Stars. These tiny potion bottles for your ears are teal with yellow stars.
Bottled Star Teal Potion Earrings

4. Love Potions

Potions are one of our favorite art styles so we had to include our love potions. Valentine's day isn't the only time of the year for cute hearts.
Love Potion Earrings With Red Hearts

5. Potion of Frost

One of our newest items are Potions of Frost ❄. These are the perfect wintery earrings with ice blue "liquid" and falling white snowflakes.
Potion of Frost Earrings in Ice Blue with Snowflakes

6. Spooky Holly

Try another brand new item with this Spooky Holly pair. They feature bat wing "leaves" and ghost "berries.
Spooky Holly Christmas Earrings

7. The Ghost of Christmas Presents

This year we didn't want to stop the "spooky cute" theme at Halloween, so our winter collection includes a few ghosts and ghouls as well. The Ghost of Christmas Presents is here to deliver your gifts.
The Ghost of Christmas Presents Earrings

8. Cute Penguins

Let's give a shout out to a few favorites from last year. These penguins are adorable and never fail to make us smile.
Cute Ice Penguin Acrylic Earrings

9. Krobus

Krobus is another familiar old friend. Everyone loves the neighborhood shadow monster.
Krobus Earrings in Dark Grey with Engraved Faces

10. Rainbow Anxiety

Want something quirky and colorful? Rainbow Anxiety earrings are a great for some people.

Rainbow Anxiety Earrings with Pastel Colorful Letters arranged vertically

Earrings not your thing? A good acrylic brooch is an excellent holiday gift. Check out the entire collection here.
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