8 Earrings that Remind Us of Stardew Valley

8 Earrings that Remind Us of Stardew Valley

It's not secret our little shop is themed to match our favorite cozy games. Sprites' Hollow is inspired by so many great farming sims (Including the original Harvest Moon! Here are some earrings that scream Stardew Valley (almost literally).


A classic for us, plus they come in many colors! (Get them in blue, green, orange, or pink instead of traditional purple.)
purple stardrop earrings. shiny purple starts with holes in the middle and two green leaves on top.


Our favorite, friendly, neighborhood shadow monster.
dark grey shadow brute earrings


Four of these little guys come in a pack. They're so cute and each have a different color and expression.
four sprite stud earrings in red, green, blue, and pink with different expressions.

Junimo Virtual Pet

A nostalgic twist using another one of our favorite games!
a plastic imitation of a virtual pet with a farming sim game theme.

Heart Thought Bubble

Use these to start a conversation! Plus, are we the only ones who think the glossy hearts look kind of yummy?
shiny red hearts on top of white thought bubble earrings.

Mermaid Pendants

These are available as both the original necklace item and a pair of earrings. Earrings come as a pair, but we don't think having more than one will allow you to get married twice.
shiny blue plastic earrings shaped like long shells.

Starfruit Swords

A creative sword design that we don't get a chance to make often.
purple sword earrings with a green leaf hilt.

Mayor's Shorts

We had to throw in one as a joke. We really do make these! And you can get them here (or in Marnie's bedroom)!
The Mayor's Lucky purple shorts with polka-dots and a black outline.
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